The Pilgrimage Begins

March 8, 2013

I leave this weekend to begin my programming pilgrimage in San Francisco. It will be two weeks of high-intensity OSS hacking at twelve companies. This trip has been a longstanding dream of mine, and it’s a little surreal that it’s actually happening.

A big part of what makes this possible is the encouragement, connections, and financial sponsorship of the company where I work, the Madison Wisconsin-based Rails consultancy Bendyworks. From code retreats, to craftsman swaps, to hosting meetups to organizing conferences, Bendyworks is constantly raising the bar for community involvement and software quality in the midwest. Now they’re helping me with my pilgrimage to contribute to the companies and open source that we love.

I’ll be filming a documentary about the trip. I’d like to interview fascinating people and learn about their dreams. I’d like to learn about what’s happening in software and how it will be changing. Finally, I want to get a peek inside the companies that are building the web and capture some of their energy and direction.

Here are the places I’ll be visiting. Thanks to the companies and individuals who have offered to host me for a day during my trip.