PostgREST Workshop

October 2, 2015

This is a recording of an interactive workshop where we create an API with PostgREST. It is based on the example created by Jonathan Harrington. It also contains discussions about various concerns, tradeoffs and implementation details.

A big thanks to Jonathan Stoikovitch for organizing the event, Orange SV for the space, Mulesoft for drinks, and to the attendees for insightful questions.


  • The video begins after the class has allready installed PostgreSQL and PostgREST, both of which are documented in the gitbook.
  • Explanation of most basic command line arguments
  • Overview of Postman rest client
  • Querying schema information
  • Bulk inserting test data
  • Creating new endpoints with views
  • Discussion of API description languages
  • Pagination conventions and tradeoffs
  • Client side libraries for PostgREST access
  • Example of providing a new version of an endpoint
  • Digression on auto-updatable views
  • Heroku deployment
  • Auth details
  • Usage in the wild
  • Speed and scalability